In the turmoil and pain of the Black Lives Matter movement and George Floyd’s death, it’s clear that the legacy of slavery, racial discrimination and human rights violation in America lives on. To know how that legacy got started, the book, “Slaves, Masters and Traders” by H. Ann Ackroyd takes a unique perspective.

In this historical fiction book, Author H. Ann Ackroyd delves into the history of racial discrimination and human rights violations in the Unites States. She does this through a series of unconventional points of view, including that of an African family prior to enslavement in West Africa, an African slave family in Louisiana, a family’s plantation master and several obscenely rich slave traders in Britain who have never set eyes on a black person before.

Ackroyd’s background has influenced her writing greatly. She was born in Africa and grew up there with her parents, who were of a European lineage.

“‘Slaves, Masters and Traders’ is a truly unique and insightful book,” explained Mike Ramos, General Manager of The Moving Words. The Moving Words is an online publicity company that helps books with an enlightening message be noticed and sold. “The book centers on a topic that’s especially relevant in today’s world, and it’s well-worth the read.”

This timely book is a must-read in today’s issue of racial discrimination. It is critically acclaimed by people who bought the book on Amazon.

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