An Insight into Facts of Racism and its History

One of the leading issues in the world today is racism. It has caused many families to lose their loved ones, and it is all because of the hate that people spread. So, what racial discrimination is and how it started? Here we will be discussing all the facts about racism.

What is Racism?

Racism, Racialism, or Racial discrimination is the belief that human beings are divided into separate biological entities known as races. Most people believe that there is a link between different races, but most important things are different. These include the following physical traits:
– Personality
– Intellect
– Cultural behaviors
– Mortality and a lot of other things.

The real problem here is that several people consider that their races are superior to other races. It affects their economic, political, legal, and several other systems because of this racial discrimination.

The History of Racism

This discrimination started between 1525 and 1866 when almost 12.5 million were kidnapped from Africa and sent to America. It was a slavery trade that took two months for the journey. Out of the 12.5 million people, 10.7 million people were alive at the other end.

Since then, the black people were used as slaves, their colonies were the same, and they faced several human right violations. Until 2013 when the Black Lives Matter Movement was started on social media. Its reason was the death of a teen Trayvon Martin in 2012. Once again, the Black Lives Matter Movement started in 2020 when George Floyd was killed despite saying that he cannot breathe.

Important Facts you need to know about Racism and its History

When it comes to discrimination between different races, there are many facts that most people do not know about. Whether it is about the Black Lives Matter movement or the facts about the human rights violation, we will reveal some facts about racism and its history.

1. Racism is on top in America in the whole world, and most of the innocent people stopped by the police here are usually black who are targeted because of this discrimination.

2. In the United States alone, 15% of the total students enrolled were black, but 35% were suspended for once. Almost 44% were suspended more than once. Moreover, 36% of these students were expelled only because of their skin color without any reason or explanation by the institution.

3. People with darker skin do not usually get the best healthcare services worldwide, and other human rights violations also occur.

4. Most of the American citizens arrested are black, and once they are arrested, they are more likely to get convicted and get lengthy prison sentences.

5. In the case of drug consumption, people are at similar levels, but the black people are six times mostly arrested for it.

Final Remarks:

Racism is one of the leading issues humans face these days, which causes the death of many people and several human rights violations these days. Here we were discussing several facts about it and its history.

– written by The Moving Words in behalf of H. Ann Ackroyd

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