Are the Roots of Slavery Cut or Watered?

Racism is a broad topic that has existed long before the modern era. It continues to grow among us and is shown in minor daily activities unconsciously. The discrimination of Africans tormented the entire race for centuries and left a severe impact on children today. When we think of slaves, who are the first group of people that flashes to our minds? Obviously, the Africans. Although slavery was primarily not based on race, Africans are at the peak of the list when the topic is brought up.

In the eyes of people who don’t understand slavery, we become insensitive with our actions significantly when influenced by excitement and peer pressure. Thus, joining bandwagons is simple when we are blind from the joy of making fun of others or appropriating fragments of their culture that links to their slavery in the past. Before we let our emotions consume us, it is paramount to ask ourselves first, “what is it like to be in the shoes of the slaves?” As dull as it sounds, it unlocks a portion of our minds interested in studying history to formulate doable methods applicable and accessible to the people around us. Racism is present everywhere, and one thing we don’t want to happen is to witness its active form that is vocally abusing and physically threatening.

We don’t know how it feels to walk up the streets and be thrown disgusted or given scared looks just because of our race. We don’t know how it feels to be constantly mocked for the way we look and sound. There are so many things we don’t know, therefore so many things we have to learn before we act. It must feel overwhelming to be a master, but we must teach ourselves the challenges of being slaves. It’s time we cut the roots of slavery by ridding our antagonism against particular racial groups.

– written by The Moving Words in behalf of H. Ann Ackroyd

One thought on “Are the Roots of Slavery Cut or Watered?

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