How Do We Find Our Symbol of Courage?

Courage is facing head-on our fears, doubts, and worries. It is our resistance to agony and torment. We all have our fair share of memories of how we stood up for others or ourselves. Sometimes, we have objects, images, or ideas that symbolize our courage. For what? To stand as a constant reminder that everything has to be dealt with. We have to take risks in life, and sometimes, not taking the risk is the most significant risk. Some people underestimate the value of taking a step, thus losing the chance to make the change.

To others, courage is not only about welcoming beautiful opportunities in life; it’s also about fighting to survive. Like hope, freedom, and blessings, courage is not the same for everyone. At one point, enslaved Africans had to commit heroic acts that put their lives in jeopardy in order to save the lives or property of others.

After all the hardships Africans went through and continue to go through now, it is inspiring to see how much courage they have to muster to overcome everything. In times of trouble, I hope we can remember to look for something that will push us to continue moving. I hope we all seek our symbol of courage so we may never give up easily.

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