Solidity Through Love

To love and be loved is among the softest feelings we get to experience. There is so much power one can acquire from love. The fruit of one’s intense exchange is a home, where people —of the same blood or not— get to be each other’s symbol of rest and merriment. How far will love take us in life’s journey? How do we know if the love we have is the love we deserve? Will love save us from our demise?

When masters marry slaves, it is often for the sake of childbearing. It is known that when a slave miscarries, she will be banned from a master or chevalier’s bed and replaced with a nubile virgin. Not many slaves are allowed to love, but they found the strength to carry on through their love for their families and the children they carry in their wombs.

Love can be found in various forms, not only romantically. It is there between family, friends, colleagues, and even with compatriots. Sometimes, love leads us to decide even against our will. Occasionally, we have to choose what’s right over what we love. Not everyone gets to pick love, and often people have to give up love for love. As slaves wished to marry, this sometimes brought a slew of complications that modern couples can’t possibly fathom. Let us all find our solidity through love, even in the simplest ways.

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