Will Fortune Make Me Happy Even When It Costs Others’ Happiness?

Everyone wants a successful life. Fortune or not, we want financial stability that allows us to purchase items or services we want anytime and anywhere. Who wouldn’t want to experience life without the pain of seeing the monetary digits go down, right? If only it were the same for everyone.

Back in the enslavement era, slave-dependent fortunes drove the industrial revolution. Slaves had to spend so much time producing building materials, clothing, and tobacco to the point that masters and the bourgeoisie began seeing slavery as a God-given purpose. It makes me sick at the thought of people thinking that Blacks aren’t human and there is nothing unethical about making them work so much for others. It will make you ask, “Does greatness warrant the abuse of fellow human beings?” It’s terrifying how people can be happy with their luxurious lifestyle knowing others had to sacrifice.

I want people to see and understand the scale of inequality slavery brought in the past in hopes that it will never return. I wish people would not be blinded once more by greed and power. To cause others grief in exchange for their bliss is not true happiness. Happiness is best felt when it is shared.

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