Will Fortune Make Me Happy Even When It Costs Others’ Happiness?

Everyone wants a successful life. Fortune or not, we want financial stability that allows us to purchase items or services we want anytime and anywhere. Who wouldn’t want to experience life without the pain of seeing the monetary digits go down, right? If only it were the same for everyone.

Back in the enslavement era, slave-dependent fortunes drove the industrial revolution. Slaves had to spend so much time producing building materials, clothing, and tobacco to the point that masters and the bourgeoisie began seeing slavery as a God-given purpose. It makes me sick at the thought of people thinking that Blacks aren’t human and there is nothing unethical about making them work so much for others. It will make you ask, “Does greatness warrant the abuse of fellow human beings?” It’s terrifying how people can be happy with their luxurious lifestyle knowing others had to sacrifice.

I want people to see and understand the scale of inequality slavery brought in the past in hopes that it will never return. I wish people would not be blinded once more by greed and power. To cause others grief in exchange for their bliss is not true happiness. Happiness is best felt when it is shared.

Solidity Through Love

To love and be loved is among the softest feelings we get to experience. There is so much power one can acquire from love. The fruit of one’s intense exchange is a home, where people —of the same blood or not— get to be each other’s symbol of rest and merriment. How far will love take us in life’s journey? How do we know if the love we have is the love we deserve? Will love save us from our demise?

When masters marry slaves, it is often for the sake of childbearing. It is known that when a slave miscarries, she will be banned from a master or chevalier’s bed and replaced with a nubile virgin. Not many slaves are allowed to love, but they found the strength to carry on through their love for their families and the children they carry in their wombs.

Love can be found in various forms, not only romantically. It is there between family, friends, colleagues, and even with compatriots. Sometimes, love leads us to decide even against our will. Occasionally, we have to choose what’s right over what we love. Not everyone gets to pick love, and often people have to give up love for love. As slaves wished to marry, this sometimes brought a slew of complications that modern couples can’t possibly fathom. Let us all find our solidity through love, even in the simplest ways.

How Do We Find Our Symbol of Courage?

Courage is facing head-on our fears, doubts, and worries. It is our resistance to agony and torment. We all have our fair share of memories of how we stood up for others or ourselves. Sometimes, we have objects, images, or ideas that symbolize our courage. For what? To stand as a constant reminder that everything has to be dealt with. We have to take risks in life, and sometimes, not taking the risk is the most significant risk. Some people underestimate the value of taking a step, thus losing the chance to make the change.

To others, courage is not only about welcoming beautiful opportunities in life; it’s also about fighting to survive. Like hope, freedom, and blessings, courage is not the same for everyone. At one point, enslaved Africans had to commit heroic acts that put their lives in jeopardy in order to save the lives or property of others.

After all the hardships Africans went through and continue to go through now, it is inspiring to see how much courage they have to muster to overcome everything. In times of trouble, I hope we can remember to look for something that will push us to continue moving. I hope we all seek our symbol of courage so we may never give up easily.

Are the Roots of Slavery Cut or Watered?

Racism is a broad topic that has existed long before the modern era. It continues to grow among us and is shown in minor daily activities unconsciously. The discrimination of Africans tormented the entire race for centuries and left a severe impact on children today. When we think of slaves, who are the first group of people that flashes to our minds? Obviously, the Africans. Although slavery was primarily not based on race, Africans are at the peak of the list when the topic is brought up.

In the eyes of people who don’t understand slavery, we become insensitive with our actions significantly when influenced by excitement and peer pressure. Thus, joining bandwagons is simple when we are blind from the joy of making fun of others or appropriating fragments of their culture that links to their slavery in the past. Before we let our emotions consume us, it is paramount to ask ourselves first, “what is it like to be in the shoes of the slaves?” As dull as it sounds, it unlocks a portion of our minds interested in studying history to formulate doable methods applicable and accessible to the people around us. Racism is present everywhere, and one thing we don’t want to happen is to witness its active form that is vocally abusing and physically threatening.

We don’t know how it feels to walk up the streets and be thrown disgusted or given scared looks just because of our race. We don’t know how it feels to be constantly mocked for the way we look and sound. There are so many things we don’t know, therefore so many things we have to learn before we act. It must feel overwhelming to be a master, but we must teach ourselves the challenges of being slaves. It’s time we cut the roots of slavery by ridding our antagonism against particular racial groups.

– written by The Moving Words in behalf of H. Ann Ackroyd

Scary Truths about Slavery You Need to Know

All the things in the world were smoothly working until the concept of slavery and racism was born. So, it was when Americans captured almost 10 million slaves from Africa as they were in transit for months. Although many of them died during the transit, the ones who made it to America were ill-treated. They faced racism and slavery for years.

Racial discrimination has become one of the biggest issues of the time, and it is also one of the reasons for the arousal of movements like the Black Lives Matter Movement. However, these words “racial discrimination” and “slavery” hold many secrets behind them. Here we will unleash some of the scariest ones.

Scary truths about slavery you need to know.

The following are some of the scariest truths and facts about slavery, racial discrimination, and human right violation.

Early slavery is the reason for the global economy that we have today.

If we take a look at the world when there was no slavery, the Africans were on the verge of becoming a mighty nation. They had the power and skills to create a great future for themselves. However, America, England, France, and others, with their desires to become developed countries, made Africans their slaves.

So, the reason behind this global economy that we have today is the slavery that started centuries ago.

The reason behind racism and slavery was Africans’ economic skills.

In the early times, the Africans were dominant in a lot of skills. They were more hardworking, powerful, tall, had better stamina and all. These were the qualities that were missing in the American and European men. In addition to the African physical skills, they also knew how to grow crops in tropical and semi-tropical climates.

Those were the reasons for them facing slavery and starting organizations like the Black Lives Matter Movement to stop human rights violations. They were tortured and faced racism. It kept them limited.

The countries that enslaved Africans knew that if they learned about getting independence, there would be no chance to keep them their slaves. So, to keep the black people limited, they used physical and mental torture techniques. This helped keep the Africans slaves for a long time, as they were restricted to cultivation only. Not only that, but this torture included keeping them in separate places to live with jobs of low income.

Many firms on Wall Street were funding slave trading, and it is where they made their fortunes from.

If we take a look at New York’s Wall Street, most of the huge firms these days started with funding activities that involved slavery. It helped them throughout the 350-year history of the place, and many firms benefited economically from these activities. These activities were also one of the biggest reasons behind the rise of movements like the Black Lives Matter Movement.


It is racial discrimination that leads people towards human right violation and other destructive factors. While it has become a significant problem these days, it has been there for centuries, and there are some scary facts and truths about it which we were able to unleash some of these most horrifying facts.

– written by The Moving Words in behalf of H. Ann Ackroyd