Images of Across The Rift (World War II Novel)

In the book, Across The Rift, here are the images which provide backdrop of the story:

Corpse Flower on Chapter 23
Stork-nest in Rust, Burgenland, Austria on Chapter 23
Lake Neusiedl at the end of Chapter 33

The results of the London Bombings:  the scenes Helen experienced when searching for her son Malcolm in  Chapter 43:

Hitler’s Russian campaign: Barbarossa. Chapters 54 to 58 and 61 follow Sofie’s Nazi husband as part of the German army across the Russian steppe. It’s mid-winter to the gates of Moscow:


These are photos of the evacuation of Allied forces from the beach of Dunkirk, where they were trapped by the German Army at the beginning of June,1940. The photos depict the historical background of Malcolm’s and Werner’s experiences (Chapters 40 and 41 of Across the Rift) as seen from the British and German points of view.